UND – Magazine for Alternatives, Contradictions and the Concrete

print magazine for art and culture
2 issues per year // Open Call twice a year
mostly in German – English welcome

is a magazine that invites you to become visible and network. Anyone can participate. Twice a year, there is an open call for tender, and there are two new issues per year.

UND is a platform for anyone who has something to say or show. Thoughts, sketches, utopias – we provide you with a space for critical analysis, forward-looking projects, literary reflections and visual perspectives.

UND does not want to produce ready-made opinions but be open and listen instead. It unlocks artistic potential, motivates to think and fosters creativity as well as an exchange of views.

UND is an independent charitable organisation and a member of TKI/Tiroler Kulturinitiativen. Still, we remain deeply rooted within the Bäckerei-Kulturbackstube in Innsbruck.

UND thinks sustainably. And is printed in a regional, climate positive, residue-free manner using the certified cradle-to-cradle approach, which offers the highest quality standard for eco-friendly printing that is available at the moment.

How is UND created?
We assign a topic for every issue and publish an open call for contributions. We do the editing, layout, graphics and proofreading work – creative and motivated people like you contribute the contents.

Fiction, critique, photography, short story, essay, painting, interview, review, poem, theory and drawing – all of these are placed next to each other as equals, inspire and, in particular, show one thing: There is an endless number of perspectives on a topic and every single one is worthy of being shown and heard.

Because: UND* is where you belong.