UND* wants you!

*magazine for alternatives, dissent and concrete action

The next issue’s topic: 

Feel free to dream, dare, catastrophize, envisage, figure out and theorize about: What could our society, our coexistence, our being human, the here and now and its perspectives be like – if…? Actually I’m not like that at all. I would live a completely different life if it wasn’t for… Anyway, it all seems to be going completely wrong, though it could be so easy if only…

What stops you from living a completely different life? What is it that you would like to change? And do you really want that, or is it all about something else? And if, what is it really all about?

We want your ideas! What if? If what? And when? Speculate about our future and show us wonderful alternatives. Chart unknown territory or plunge into ruin. Play with alternative realities – for sooner or later, only for you or for all of us. Imagine what could be if…

Deadline for submissions: 8th of February, 2019
Mail: undheft[at]diebaeckerei[dot]at

UND #6 is published in May 2019.

Open Call – Requirements

A topic for each issue of UND magazine is announced in an open call, everyone can submit relevant material in response.

What sort of content can be submitted?
Photos, essays, illustrations, drawings, sculptures, theoretical considerations, project descriptions, interviews, poetry, questionnaires, experience reports, theatrical works, installations, instructions, satire, comics, announcements, comics, possibilities, dreams and utopias.

Any printable content may be submitted.*

Who can submit?
Each and everyone.

Which formats are accepted?
Text: in Word or Open-Office format – please do NOT submit pdf-documents!
Images: Please provide low resolution images (72 dpi) at first, our mailbox has a limited capacity. After selection the editorial team will ask for higher resolution images (300 dpi).

Is there a limit to the length of text or number of items that can be submitted?
There is no clearly defined limit to the length of text or number of images. We generally try to provide the necessary amount of space.
You know best how much space your work requires. If your submission is selected and we think that the length should be modified, we will contact you. You should start off with unlimited freedom of expression!

What else should the submission contain?

  • Your full name and address
  • A short biography for the index of the magazine
  • A headline or title of your work
  • A short teaser: describe your work in 2-3 sentences (not required for short stories, poetry or other fiction)
  • Specify the type of your text
  • Respect the copyright – if your submission contains any text (e.g. quotations) or images from someone else, these MUST be clearly identified and properly quoted (e.g. name of the photographer or author, exact book title etc.). Permission for reproduction must be obtained beforehand! 

* Submissions must not contain any racist or other discriminatory content. The editorial team of UND magazine reserves the right selecting suitable contributions.